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Cairnlea Heritage Trail

Inherit Earth was approached by Friends of the Black Powder Mill and the Sunshine History Society to help with a brochure to show the history of a large site in the City of Brimbank that is now a housing estate called Cairnlea.

The brochure includes two walking trails, designed by Noel Tozer and Olwen Ford, around the former Albion Explosives Factory site.

An awareness of history seems to be an important ingredient in a broader grasp of the sense of sustainability. It is part of that idea that to know where you are going you need to know where you have been. This is part of a rich and extensive debate which we do not need to go into here.

To put it simply Inherit Earth believes that history is important and we will work in this area for a number of reasons.

The Friends of the Black Powder Mill have done extensive work collecting photographs and recording information about the role of the one remaining building on a huge munitions site, The Albion Explosives Factory, that measured two kilometres by one kilometre.

Inherit Earth has helped the group develop a brochure commemorating this history.





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