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Quang Minh Temple

Inherit Earth has been engaged by the Quang Minh Buddhist Temple in Braybrook to participate in a program of sustainability at the Temple connecting the waste products of its generous community services and a plan to develop a working garden on the barren soils of post industrial Braybrook.

To put it more simply the Quang Minh Temple provides free lunch for the community on Sundays and generates about 4000 kilograms of waste each week. The idea is to bring in an industrial size worm farm to turn the food waste into fertiliser for the Temple gardens which in turn will be then able to grow more food for the lunches and other events.

Inherit Earth has been helping find funding for the project and will be participating in the development of the garden.

To the Buddhists the concept of sustainability is an old one.

The driving force of Buddhist teaching is to avoid extremes and to seek the middle path in all things. It is the search for harmony with all living and non-living things which in practical terms translates as not to abuse the environment.

Everything is interconnected and the teaching encourages conscious gratitude for what you might otherwise take for granted. The four areas of this focus on gratitude are for your parents, teachers and friends, government and society and the environment as a whole.

Because these are the four major areas that are supporting your life, so by supporting these areas, and keeping them in harmony, you are supporting your own life. If you do not take the effort to support these areas then they will get out of balance and you will suffer unnecessarily.

This is mainly achieved by the principles of Tri Tuc and Thieu Duc.

Tri Tuc is simply knowing what is enough. Do not go to extremes and overdo things or abuse things. Thieu Duc translates as one thing less. It is the principle of right living. Always take a little less than you might want because greed never knows where to stop.

Because if you go to one extreme it follows that you will inevitably swing back to the opposite extreme and sustainability or harmony will not be achieved, whatever it is we are working with.

The key question in this guide to life is what does it need to support us? What responsibility do we personally take to contribute to harmony? So what does the environment need to support us? The underlying and fundamental question of the environment movement is already part of Buddha’s teaching.






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